It has been a few weeks since Fitbloggin’ 14 wrapped up.  I’ve seen many recaps and continued to be awed by the power of this group.  The determination.  The support.  The knowledge.  It is all so overwhelming to process.  I’ve attempted in my usual haphazard way to share a little of what I learned.

1.   Oatmeal blogging is a thing.  Who knew?  I sure didn’t.  I guess people take pictures of their oatmeal.  I had to do a search on Pinterest to verify.  From what I heard you either hate it or love it.  I love oatmeal so I will probably love it.  Does seem like a limited subject to blog about.  Doesn’t everyone have a strong opinion on what they want on their oatmeal? My aunt will beat you with a stick if you try to put raisins in her oatmeal.  I prefer honey and butter.  Not sure why I’m starting with this tidbit except it was completely new to me.


This Coconut Mango Energyade made in a Nutri Ninja was refreshing and filling.

2.  Fitbloggin peeps are some of the nicest friendliest huggingest(made that up just for them) people you will ever meet.  Like WOW!  You know those people who walk around saying, “You look like you need a hug.” They all go to Fitbloggin’.


Me and Leah (Bookieboo) of Mamavation (big hugger!)

3.  Adrian Foster smells yummy and chia is yummy.  Both facts place me firmly in my happy place.


I enjoyed being near Adrian Foster more than the Health Warrior Chia Bar but it was a tight race.

4.  I was nervous about attending Fitbloggin’ because I am overweight.  I feel like a failure in the weigh loss arena, however, I kept reminding myself I wogged(walked/jogged) 13 races last year and my health numbers otherwise are pretty good.  I did belong there.  As one of the other attendees commented, “If you want to know about weight loss, nutrition, fitness, etc., ask an overweight person.  They will know the information.”


Not only did RunDisney bring in Mickey Mouse but we got to meet the legendary Jeff Galloway!!

5.  My friend, Alyssa of Double Chin Diary, won the California Avocado recipe contest!  I always thought she was award winning material and now it is official.  Check out her recipe for Strawberry Nectarine Avocado Tarts.


6.  Everyone feels marginalized in some way.  I attended a session for bloggers over 40.  It was widely agreed upon brands often discount the power of the more mature blogger even though women our age tend to have more disposable income.  Larger bloggers get hated upon for being larger.  Thinner bloggers get hated upon for being thinner.  Ultimately if we all realize the fact we ALL have a struggle to overcome and have more compassion towards each other, everyone’s burden will be lightened.


My new friend Sarah of  Losing Weight and Having Fun.

7.  These people are nutty!!  They will make you laugh and they will make you cry but in the end you walk away a better person filled with inspiration for continuing your own journey.


Thanks to this nut bar set up by California Almonds I am obsessed with Balsamic Vinegar Almonds.

8.  The next Fitbloggin will be June , 2015 in Denver, CO.  I highly suggest you consider joining us.  Yes, I do plan on being there again but don’t take my word for it.  Hope over to Fitbloggin’14 and check out all the recaps from this experience.


This is Roni the woman behind the curtain of Fitbloggin’.


This birthday was the first my hubby had fun with Baby Bug helping to pick out my presents and cake.  They were both so proud of themselves.  I had to close my eyes and they brought out the cake.  I opened my eyes and they started singing to me.  I was already very confused.


Me:  ”Ummm…Thank you!”

Hubby:  ”I put the 3 and 4 on there in that way so it could be 34 or 43.”

Me:  ”But I’m not either.”

Hubby: “What? (thinks for a minute) I’m not going to be 45 this year?”

Me:  ”Nope.”

Hubby: “Oh.”

I was laughing so hard.  I couldn’t be mad at him for not knowing how old I was because he didn’t even know his own age.



More than Just a Dog

by Junebug


Othello 2005- 2014

This week we made the painful decision to let our dog, Othello, go.  He got diabetes last month and we have been trying to control it with insulin but he started refusing to eat and when they don’t eat you can’t give them the insulin.  We were even making him fresh chicken and he refused to eat it.  Othello was a dog who would never refuse any food.  The past week he seemed to deteriorate fast and the vet confirmed our fears.  Othello was ready to move on.  I lay beside him in the cry room at the vet office, buried my face in his silky smooth fur and sobbed.


Othello came into my life when I desperately needed someone to care for.  My husband wanted him thinking he would be his dog but Othello made it clear from day 1 that he only had eyes for me.  I tried not to fall for him because my heart was already hurting from the infertility struggle I was fighting.  I was in so much emotional pain.  Othello refused to give up on me and would be within feet of me at all times.  If I got up to leave a room, he got up and followed.  If I was sitting down, he was sitting beside me or on top of me.  If I was sleeping, he slept between my ankles.  It was like he knew I needed someone to be there for me before I even knew I needed someone.


Was he just a dog?  Not to me.  He gave me unconditional love and companionship.  When I cried he would curl up with me and place his paw on me.   Every dog has a different personality.  My other dog, Saphron, is more cat like.  She allows me to live in her house.  I have no doubts she would trade me to someone else for some chicken.  Othello would never trade me for all the chicken and Kong toys in the world.  He suffered major separation anxiety when we were apart.  It was so bad I started having a pet sitter come to our house when I vacationed.  He was much happier in our home when I was gone than at a kennel.


Enjoy your final ride Othello!

Othello gave me so much more than I gave him.  The phrase Man’s Best Friend might be cliche but only because it is so true.  The pain I am in will fade.  Some day another adorable puppy who is all legs and ears might tug on my heart.  For now, I mourn my friend, my companion, my dog.


Last night I had a dream where for some reason I gave my husband permission to be with another woman.  Before it happened I tried to change my mind but he got mad so I agreed again.  I can’t remember all the details but I know it was my idea to begin with and not his but he did go along with it.  I woke up before anything happened.  I woke up mad.  How dare he?  I lay in bed unreasonably irate at my peacefully and completely innocent sleeping husband.  Soon I had a coughing fit and when he woke I informed him of my dream and my anger.

Hubby:  ”I wouldn’t do it.  I would just give her this cold anyway.”

Me:  ”That is the only reason?”

He was already back to sleep.  Sigh.  The odd thing is my husband is a nerd.  I mean that with full affection.  He wouldn’t know if a girl was hitting on him or not.  I have always been completely secure in our relationship.  I have no idea where this ridiculous dream came from.

Have you ever woke up irrationally angry with your spouse for something they did in your dream?

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Eavesdropping on Myself – Toddler Honesty

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