Entertainment News

I need to catch up on my entertainment news.

Ok I know that I am a geek but I love me some National Spelling Bee. It is on tonight and I will be tivoing. I found this show years ago on ESPN and got hooked. Once a year I have to watch these kids sweat over words such as “ursprache” which was the winning word last year. I find it fascinating that most of the students are home schooled.

Harry in the news! Something to look forward to after the last book. Universal is adding a mega-attraction. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, described as a “theme park within a theme park,” is set to debut in 2009, and will feature rides, shops and attractions inspired by the literary juggernaut.

Time to work on my summer tv schedule :

New show to check out tonight – Pirate Master – CBS
On the Lot – FOX I am enjoying this one.
‘Last Comic Standing’ (June 13, NBC) New host Bill Bellamy and new talent scouts Kathleen Madigan, Alonzo Bodden and Ant
‘The Closer’ (June 18, TNT)
‘Eureka’ (July 10, Sci Fi)
‘The 4400’ (June 17, USA)
‘Monk’ (July 13, USA)
‘Psych’ (July 13, USA)
‘Big Brother’ CBS

Two I watch if I am bored.
America’s Got Talent NBC
American Inventor ABC