I might not get to the upfronts for the rest of the week (Fox and CW/UPN) because I will be traveling. However, I will have plenty to say when I return.

Last minute news – Dancing with Stars results next Tuesday has been expanded and bumped the season finale of Boston Legal to the next Tuesday May 29th.

That’s just wrong news – Bruce Willis, 52, is now dating a wait for it…..Playboy playmate who is 23 which is only five years older than his oldest daughter. I guess he is trying to outdo Demi.

Another reason to move from watching the big networks – I love WHM! William H. Macy is set to topline Family Man, a TNT drama series now in development that concerns a conflicted criminal who (as Variety puts it) “organizes charity drives by day and cracks the safes of major corporations by night.”