Good Morning!

Last night I dreamed that I was one of three contestants left in the running for the next top model. Only Tyra didn’t really think I was a model she just kept me around for the entertainment value. When I pointed this out it didn’t make her very happy and she started to go off on me but at that moment the neighbor’s water sprinklers went off and I woke up. I just couldn’t wait to share that I was in the top three!

Got my eyebrows waxed and my hair trimmed and colored yesterday. I was at the salon for two and 1/2 hours. One customer had two glasses of wine (they serve us beverages) and was very chatty. While she still had her foil in for her highlights she left and went over to Ann Taylor’s. My hairdresser and I snickered and said neither of us would ever leave the store in foils. They had told her they were out of wine after her second glass to cut her off. I love it there because when you get your hair washed they take you in the wash room which is candle lit with music playing and you get a blanket over you while they massage your head. So relaxing. This time I got my regular color of a red chestnut brown but I added some soft cream highlights. I love it!

I called it on American Idol this week. LaKisha went home. I’m still trying to catch up on most of my shows. Kevin and I watched a movie last night called “The Proposition”. It was an English made western set in Australia and everyone died except Emily Watson. I didn’t care for it – a real downer. I have had “Ladder 49” laying down there since Jan. I really need to watch it maybe I will get to it this afternoon.

Our computer has been really really slow this week. Kevin is supposed to run a diagnostic soon to find the problem.