Today was our first trial of keeping the dogs in the basement while we were out. Our hope is to keep them there while we are out of town and have a pet sitter come over twice a day so they don’t have to be stuck in a kennel. The basement has a long room which is 50 percent cement walls and then drywall along one wall except two open spaces for doors. “Mr. I’m an engineer and can do anything” decided to build two half doors for the openings that had a latch to keep them closed. Well Othello is very determined. This is the same dog that locked me out one day when I went to get the mail. He hit the deadbolt just right to lock me out and I had to stand there ringing the bell until Kevin came and let me in. Plus, we have to lock the ice/water dispensers on the fridge because he figured out how to get his own ice cubes. Knowing all this – Mr. engineer put the latches on the inside of the room with the dogs. I walked up to the house today and the dogs met me at the front door. Othello had spent time scratching the drywall by the makeshift door. Then he somehow managed to push the latch up, over and down again to open the door. Evidence shows (drywall remnants and toys) that they played in the rest of the basement before spending the rest of the day sleeping on the couch up in the great room. Remarkable no one had an accident or made any other type of mess while they enjoyed their “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. This dog’s level of determination is astounding!