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First of all – what is it about weddings and funerals that turns families into bumbling masses of angst, frustration and insanity? I was on the phone until about midnight with my cousin, the bride, while we talked out the current mysterious drama surrounding my sister. The drama itself has stressed me out but I am spending my efforts on the only thing I can do which is make things easier for my cousin because the last thing you need the week of your wedding is more stress. My trip has been planned down to the millisecond including potty breaks and I’m going to need a week to recover by the time I get home. Five straight days of nonstop movement. Luckily I get to spend the last 24 hours on the farm with my mom’s sisters relaxing. I told them to have a stiff drink ready for me by the time I arrived at noon.

What? Some 12-year old and her grandparents are suing an elementary school for a substitute teacher showing the movie Brokeback Mountain. They say it was traumatizing and required psychological counseling. Here is my issue.
1. I worked for a school and we had to have approval for any movie and it could only be a “g” rating.
2. What sort of educational value are kids to learn from this movie? It is not like it is a historical drama or something. And before I am slammed for being homophobic I would say the same thing if it was Fast and Furious, Clueless or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Entertainment – yes. Education – no. I know this is radical thinking but children are at school to be taught and not babysat/entertained.

I finished painting “my craft room” this weekend. I will finish organizing the room when I return and post pictures.

This is also the week that the networks roll out their fall plans. I love this week. It is fun to guess which shows are going to tank immediately (I totally thought Lost was a goner when it was introduced but am so glad I was wrong.) and which shows are going to be great. From the leaks beforehand I don’t have any shows I am dying to hear about and this might be a good year that I am able to cut back even further on my obsession.

News so far from NBC –
Trump’s Apprentice in MIA for now.
Looks good and I might have to try – New drama Journeyman (Mondays, 10 pm/ET), a romantic-mystery from the Emmy Award-winning producers of The West Wing, concerning a San Francisco newspaper reporter (Kevin McKidd, Rome) who inexplicably begins to travel through time and alter people’s lives. Just because I love a good time travel story line. Secretly I always wanted to be able to travel through time.
Attempt to fill the void left in women’s lives everywhere after the end of Sex in the City – The new dramedy Lipstick Jungle, from best-selling author Candace Bushnell (Sex and the City), is set to debut in January 2008 on Sundays (10 pm/ET). Created by Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline, (How I Met Your Mother), the series follows the lives of three high-powered friends (Brooke Shields, Suddenly Susan, Kim Raver, 24, and Lindsay Price, Beverly Hills, 90210) who are determined to achieve their dreams and to do it on their own terms.
This could be interesting – NBC “bulks up” with 30 combined episodes of Heroes and Heroes: Origins, an innovative new spin-off that will introduce a new character each week, one of whom will be chosen by viewers through to become a cast regular the following season.
Yeah!!!! – Renewals of The Office (moved to 9), My Name Is Earl, Scrubs and Medium (moved to Sundays).
Bad news – Studio 60 has been axed. Sorry Kytt!
My vote for the first show to tank –
It is a tie because one is going to show up late. Bionic Woman because I tend to hate rehashing. I find that originals can rarely be recaptured or improved upon. Jessica Simpson is NOT Daisy Duke. I know that was movie but it is still a bee in my bonnet. Speaking of bees – What the heck were they thinking with this mid-season offering? THE SINGING BEE — The Singing Bee is a variety-competition show that challenges contestants to accurately sing the lyrics to popular songs — even when the band stops playing. In this karaoke showdown, there’s no middle ground for partially correct answers — contestants must be perfect or they’re out. Family-friendly, broad in appeal and conducive to playing (and singing) along at home, The Singing Bee features popular, recognizable music that inspires hilarious wrong answers and amazing performances by those rare contestants who somehow manage to get every word right.

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