Odds & Ends

I have narrowed down my outfits for the wedding and will be taking pictures so that you all can vote on your favorite. Hopefully later today.

We spent Sunday at the Renaissance Festival and had a ball. I’m a little red in places but I laughed so hard at some of the great shows.

I am behind in my TV shows. Not sure how caught up I will get before my vacation because I am about to go from reorganization mode to straight out cleaning mode.

My best friend has taken some pictures of my hometown, which is quickly becoming a giant pond. My old stomping grounds of Salina, Solomon and New Cambria are being hit hard with flooding with more rain on the way. I might have to rent a boat instead of a car next week. Let’s all pray real hard that the rain lets up enough to recede some water. Right now we will have some problems getting from the wedding in Abilene back to Salina because of road closures but I am sure all will be well before next weekend. The groom’s hometown area of Bennington got its own tornado on Sunday and I am happy to report his family is fine. The area lost about 30 homes.

I have to say that even after getting sentenced to jail Paris’s parents are still trying to get her out of it. That is the example of good parenting right there. When I went to college my aunt told me that if I get arrested not to bother calling home because I would be staying there. The few times I was detained for questioning had me sweating bullets because I knew I would have to suffer the consequences of my own actions. IF they succeed they are only going to help perpetuate this horrible trend in society that people don’t have to answer for their own actions. This point blank scares me. I do have hope because they are appealing to Gov. Arnold to intervene. They must not know that Arnold and Marie are extremely strict disciplinarians at home especially Arnold. Anyone who has watched Oprah would know that bit of trivia.

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  1. I hope they do appeal to Arnold and let him tell them a thing or two! PARIS IS EVERYTHING WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY!@!!!!!!!@#@$#$%%

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