Viewer’s Choice

Three days, 20 hours, 11 stores + 1 mall, 4 complete mental breakdowns and too much money later we have narrowed the wedding outfit field down to three mediocre choices. Your opinion may or may not count but is being elicited anyway.
Choice 1 – Brown top with wide leg beige pants with a brown pin stripe
Choice 2 – White top with black slacks
Choice 3 – Brown shirtdress
I have a pair of adorable brown heels that will work with either brown outfit.

4 thoughts on “Viewer’s Choice”

  1. I like the brown top with beige linen pants. Just my 2 cents. have fun at the wedding!

  2. I vote on choice 2!! Looks nice,cool, and comfortable. Remember it’s going to be warm with high humidity with all the flooding! Do we get to vote on what Kevin’s wearing? : ) See you soon.

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