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Heads are rolling over at Crane Poole & Schmidt.
Julie Bowen, Mark Valley, Rene Auberjonois and Constance Zimmer have all been let go from the show, sources say.
To fill the void, Night Court’s John Larroquette is joining the show as a series regular next season, but he won’t be reprising his Emmy-winning role from Kelley’s The Practice. Instead, he will be playing an attorney from the New York offices of CP&S. Also Dirt’s Tara Summers will be coming on board as a young associate. Finally, current cast member Christian Clemenson (Jerry) has been upped to series regular.
I think these actors were underused but will miss them.

My latest reward for What are they thinking? goes to….
The Donald and Fox are developing Lady or a Tramp, a U.S. adaptation of a U.K. series (Ladette to Lady) in which hard-partying gals are sent to a charm school to learn them some debutante-caliber manners. According to Variety, in addition to exec-producing the series, Trump may also appear on camera to assess the bad girls’ respective reformations. I guess they figure Trump has the experience from the Miss USA pagent.

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  1. 2nd seasons have been ordered for Dirt and Riches! With seasons the way they are now actors can probably do more than one show easier than before.

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