I’m so mad I made it rain!

The first real rain we’ve had in months started as soon as I stormed out of the dealership.
Why I am sooooo mad! (Read the “when it rains” post first.)
1. We had a service agreement that didn’t even cover 50%.
2. I don’t think they had to do everything they said they had to do plus they told Kevin we went ahead and did an oil change but it won’t cost anything. Not according to the slip I just got after dropping more than $50 more than I was told it would be.
3. The brakes are bad on my truck and I was going to take them in this week but it will have to wait.
4. I had a plan to pay off 6 bills by July 1st and now that can’t happen. We will only have got four paid off.
5. I just gave up the money saved for my birthday trip to the outlet malls next week to get a pair of pants that aren’t so big the crotch hangs halfway down my thigh and some new undergarments that don’t sag.
6. I have us on a tight strict budget in order to pay off bills but still take a nice vacation and become people that don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck. Every time we start to make progress something comes up. It is frustrating as hell!
7. Mostly I am mad that I let this get me so upset.
Why I shouldn’t be so mad!
1. I actually have a vehicle.
2. I did have the money to fix it without pawning anything or using a payday loan or a credit card.
3. I have my health.
4. This will only set me back from my goals by one month. After all I have paid off 4 bills.
5. Life is too short to stress over stupid crap like this.
6. My clothes are too big because I lost weight so I should enjoy that accomplishment.

I feel a little better after laying it all out like this. The dealership manager will be calling me soon and maybe I will be able to speak to him with a nice voice.

3 thoughts on “I’m so mad I made it rain!”

  1. This is the best headline I’ve read today! I can totally see you saying this. It made me laugh. Sorry about all of the crap you’ve been through. We felt that pain before. Not fun.

  2. Thank you! Today that AC went out at work so we sat there sweating like pigs. I’m hoping this is the end of the bad streak. I’m going to try to not go anywhere tomorrow.

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