Well, I made it to the gym today. I woke up with lots of pain in my hip but decided to go anyway. I kind of thought that it might be sore because I had taken two days off and was just sore. In reality I believe I pulled a muscle. The workout did help because everything got warmed up. I’m just being lazy today. I’m on Harry Potter #4 and want to finish it before this weekend so I can watch the movie and then finish book five before that movie opens in 14 days. Then I will have a bit over a week to finish book 6 so I can be all prepared to read book 7 after it is delivered to my doorstep.
Sunday night I actually sat in my craft room at my sewing station and sewed. I repaired a dog bed the dogs had destroyed. I am too cheap to spend another $20 on a doggie bed until they prove they are not going to destroy it. I was proud of my sewing accomplishment and the dogs have been fighting over it every night. I have another one to repair but had to buy some supplies at Michael’s first.
I am still trying to decide whether to reupholster that chair I got or not. I think I will go get at least one quote and if it is way too much I will just do it myself.
My friends have decided to have a fourth of July get together. Last year we tried camping, which will be added to the Vacation Horrors series. Needless to say we are looking forward to a relaxing time with our friends. Kevin is off from Thursday night of this week until Thursday of next week. His plan and my secret “please, God, let it happen” ambition is to finish cleaning the free bbq we got and attempt to reassemble the million pieces. It will aide in our main goal of cleaning the garage out so we can actually park in it again. What he does not know is that my friend and I plan on painting it yellow. I thought yellow would be a good color because any creatures would stand out from it and make them easier to kill. I intend to finally put in that garage door opener. I have taken before shots and will include after shots when it is done. I will do after shots of my craft room as soon as I finish. I am almost 80% done in there.
I have a training all day Thursday and then we are having a third dog as Max comes for a doggie sleepover until Sunday. So I might not get back to blogging until next week. I will try to take photos and update whenever Kevin takes a break from playing computer games to look out the garage door at his bbq puzzle.

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  1. A yellow bbq sounds fab-o, but David wouldn’t be a fan either! Men and their grills, geez.

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