Kevin is home until Thursday so my time on the computer is very low.

Weekend was full with three dogs. I will blog about that fun with pictures later this week.

I’ve been researching B&B’s in Edinburgh. I think I found the one for us only 20 pounds per person per night but more later. The point is I then found links to a sort of web paper for Scotland. I found one very inspired story of a woman who was severely injured when a guy walking across a bridge was playing with a traffic cone and then threw it – it went over the edge. It hit her and almost killed her leaving her paralyzed. She has made significant strides in her recovery and may possible walk again. The inspired part is that she wrote to the courts on the man’s behalf requesting that he not serve jail time. She said she forgave him, was not angry with him and did not want him punished further. It is stories like this that give you hope in mankind. She wasn’t seeking millions in a lawsuit. I guess lately I am just discouraged by the way we are becoming less forgiving of others actions. Heaven forbid someone actually make a mistake. I was actually told this week to word something so it didn’t make it sound like there had been a mistake. There had been one! So what! I certainly hope that people don’t hold all my mistakes against me. Granted this man could have killed in a completely unintentional way and that would have been a tragic mistake but it is not as if he plotted to kill her. Once I stood on one side of a glass door while my cousin was on the other side. He shoved a broom through the window covering me in glass. His intent was to open the door. It had jammed when I slammed it shut and he thought I had purposely locked him out. Oddly enough even though I was covered in glass I did not receive a single scratch. He made a mistake in a rash moment in an argument over Mac’n’cheese and luckily it did not have major repercussions. I have, of course, forgiven him and hope that he has forgiven me for …. well I’m sure I might have done something to him at one time. ☺ People have become so vengeful. Anyway, a short update has turned into a long thought diatribe on today’s society. Sorry.

I did go to the outlet mall for my b-day. I got an awesome new suitcase for travel and will upload a picture of it soon. To wait out the traffic we watched Ratatouille, the new Pixar flick. We thought it was great!

Better go to bed.

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