There is this neat web site called and they have a new hour-long yoga class per day. I tried one this morning and it was nice. A little small to watch on the computer while all contorted on the floor in various animal positions but not bad.

Back in May I said I thought the Singing Bee show concept was ridiculous. While I still don’t care for the show the rest of America is loving it so I am wrong on my first cancellation guess for FOX. I still have several other chances to win with the other networks.

I know that everyone has been dying to know what the cast of 90210 has been up to lately. Well, perhaps you haven’t but for some reason half of them were in the news this week so I thought I would pass the info on for the betterment of mankind.

I have to admit that he wouldn’t have even been on my long list but Ian Ziering, 90210/Dancing with the Stars alum, has reportedly gotten a call back to replace Bob Barker. Oddly enough now that I thought about it I think it could really work for him.
Not to be out done in the 90210 world: Tori Spelling has received her on-line minister status and is so excited to dictate fashion advice from God to the masses. Ok I made that last part up but she is an on-line ordained minister. She is also in talks to do the next season of Dancing with the Stars, however, Ian has apparently talked Jennie Garth into doing the Dancing Show and it has been confirmed by her publicist.
Jason Priestly (cast member of Lifetime’s upcoming Side Order of Life) had a baby and says he has no plans to do Dancing with the Stars. Well, his wife had the baby but you know what I mean.
ABC Family has greenlit Christmas Caper, a TV-movie starring Shannon Doherty as a Grinch-like cat burglar out to “steal Christmas” from her sleepy hometown, Variety reports. Doherty also has been tapped to play the old friend of a gay spy in here! Network’s Kiss Me Deadly: A Jacob Keane Assignment, the first installment in a series of espionage thrillers. Shannon playing a grinch – yep it fits.
I then went in search of the cast members so they wouldn’t feel left out. I miss 90210.
Luke Perry is with the ensemble cast of HBO’s new drama John From Cincinnati. Which is not being well received.
Gabrielle Carteris and Brian Austin Green are MIA right now.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I saw Brian Austin Greene in a movie last year. i can’t remember the title…

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