Off The Grid

I am officially going off the grid. The plan is to avoid all media until after I have finished Harry Potter. I didn’t plan to leave the house until afterwards, however, my workout partner is only in town for one day this month and that is tomorrow. But I will go to the gym – not look at the TV or listen to radio – and come straight home. The book should be delivered early and I will read until I go into a deep depression for whoever is going to die. I have decided the main reason Harry will not die is because he is “the boy who lived”. How can you kill the boy who lived? That just wouldn’t make any sense but what do I know. She might have killed him off so no one would bother her to keep writing about him.
I am going to the store tonight to get my treats and prepared meals for the weekend. Nothing will distract me from reading. I am going for popcorn and a little bit of dark chocolate. The chocolate is the remedy from dementor attacks and I might feel as if a dementor has attacked me if this book is anything like the last two. (For non-Harry people – dementors suck all the hope and happiness out of a person. Their favorite thing is to suck a person’s soul out of them.)
I will return when I am able to cope with the real world again or obtain some good meds.

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