Press Week CBS

CBS’ premiere-rollout plan is starting off with the reality series Kid Nation (which reportedly skirted child-labor laws by classifying the production as a “summer camp” and taking advantage of a loophole in New Mexico labor rules that has since been closed.) This has apperently been a huge issue I knew nothing about.

Wednesday, Sept. 19
8 pm/ET: Kid Nation
Thursday, Sept. 20
8 pm: Survivor: China
Sunday, Sept. 23
7 pm: 60 Minutes
9 pm: Cold Case
10 pm: Shark
Monday, Sept. 24
8 pm: How I Met Your Mother
8:30 pm: The Big Bang Theory
9 pm: Two and a Half Men
9:30 pm: Rules of Engagement
10 pm: CSI: Miami
Tuesday, Sept. 25
8 pm: NCIS
9 pm: The Unit
10 pm: Cane
Wednesday, Sept. 26
9 pm: Criminal Minds
10 pm: CSI: NY
Thursday, Sept. 27
9 pm: CSI
10 pm: Without a Trace
Friday, Sept. 28
8 pm: Ghost Whisperer
9 pm: Moonlight
10 pm: Numbers
Saturday, Sept. 29
8-11 pm: Assorted… stuff
Thursday, Oct. 18
10 pm: Viva Laughlin preview
Sunday, Oct. 21
8 pm: Viva Laughlin official premiere

If you do not want to know anything about certain shows then stop reading! Do not blame me if you read this and spoil your own little fantasy. That is why it is noted and hidden at the bottom of the page.
In order to read the spoilers use your cursor to hightlight the hidden paragraph and you can read the spoiler news.
Spoilers for How I Met Your Mother, Cold Case, Two and a Half Men, Ghost Whisperer, CSI: Miami, CSI/Without a Trace, Jericho and Heroes.

* How I Met Your Mother – The season premiere will focus on the aftermath of Ted and Robin’s breakup. Also, a major hint will be dropped about the Mother. Also in the premiere, Marshall will give Barney a rather large clue about when his highly-anticipated third slap will be delivered. This season, we’ll meet the woman that stole Barney’s virginity. And she sounds frightening. Wayne Brady will reprise his role as Barney’s gay bro in a flashback episode that shows him “before he was gay,
• The season premiere of Cold Case will be an all-Nirvana episode.
• Little Jake will enter junior high on Two and a Half Men.
• On Ghost Whisperer, we’ll learn that Jim and Melinda didn’t choose Grandview, Grandview chose Jim and Melinda.
• Horatio has a biological son on CSI: Miami.
• CSI/Without a Trace crossover coming with William Petersen and Anthony LaPaglia.
* The season premiere of Jericho opens with Stanley and Mimi getting engaged.
* Don’t expect to see Heroes’ Hiro back in the present anytime soon. “I just shot my third episode [on Monday] and I’m in feudal Japan. I’m going to be there for a while,” said Masi Oka “The whole idea with Season 2 is that we start off with two separate time lines — one starts four months after the [season finale] happened, and the other starts with Hiro 400 years in the past.”