Press Week

We head into press week for the studios so my friends you will have to listen (read) about some more TV talk this week. I will admit that I have watched little TV this summer and may continue my trend in the fall. TV execs are chapping my hide. Already this press week has not started off well IMHO but you can judge for yourself.
NBC – Deal or No Deal will move to Fridays being replaced on Tuesdays with the newest sensation Singing Bee. (I can’t believe I caught 10 minutes of this show last week and actually started playing along.) However, Tuesdays at 8 are already full for me so I won’t be watching.
The Apprentice is returning with – Wait for it – Wait for it – A special celebrity edition. The world has official gone to pot or the kid that came up with this brilliant idea was on pot. Enough said. No wait – How exactly is this supposed to work? What celebrities are they talking about? Is this another vehicle for actors out of work who have already done the Surreal Life and Celebrity Fit Club? Ok, no I’m done. For now. This is what was said, “famous(ish) faces vie for the Donald’s favor and in turn raise bucks for charity. Trump says this incarnation “will bring our wonderful show to new heights.” Just because you say it, Donald doesn’t make it true! All that money can’t buy you some sense of the real world Dude!
They are talking with Rosie about several ideas. Whatever! Another hour I won’t have to worry about wasting in front of the boob tube.
My Name is Earl (one of my favorites) and the Office will both be back on Sept. 27th with hour-long episodes. Next season in Feb. someone will die on Desperate Housewives. Scrubs is definitely having its last year so watch while you can.

They get to preview and interview casts of several of the news. So far my favorite quote is from Sarah Shahi, who is starring in LIFE this fall, she said her stint as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader was just a “stepping stone” to an acting career. [Head Smack] Why didn’t I think of that? Here I went and got a theatre performance degree when I could have just been a cheerleader. Sorry – was that a little b****y? At least I can mark this show off my list out of sheer spite. Another hour of my life back. Told you that it looked like I would be able to cut back in the fall.

Other news:
David Duchovny reported that he is supposed to be seeing a X-files movie script next week. It has almost been too long for me but I’d probably go.
I have just voted for Amy to win The Food Networks Next Big Star Show (whatever it is called). Love the Gourmet Next Door idea.
If you don’t watch Eureka on the Sci-Fi channel or Psych on the USA channel, you are missing out. Both of these shows are so fun and quirky. I love out loud all the time. My summer is spent on the USA channel with Monk and the 4400 or at TLC as if I look like I ever cared about fashion but maybe one day I will when my numbers hit or someone finally turns me into What Not To Wear.