My Life Ambitions

While I was sorting thru my stuff I found a paper where in high school I wrote down my life’s ambitions. It made me laugh. Here it is spelling mistakes and all.
1. Travel through all the U.S. states.
I’ve actually done well on this one. I only have AK, ND, SD, MN, IA, WI, MI, NY, NJ, CT, DE, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME and HI to go. 17 to go! 66% of this goal is complete.
2. Travel to all other country’s.
OK if I really meant countries then I was really ambitious. Now if I meant continents that sounds much more attainable. First of all there are some countries that I have no desire to see but there are places in all continents that I would like to see so I am going with the continents. So far I only have one and that is because I live in it. However, in two months I will be able to mark another one off the list when we go to Europe. That leaves a mere 5 left. There is a cruise that includes Antarctica so that may be how I can knock that one out.
3. Learn to do laundry.
Travel to laundry – interesting. I completed this one in March of 1990. When my g-ma had a heart attack during my senior spring break she was in the hospital for a week. G-pa and I needed to do laundry so we attempted to do our best. We put in a load and then g-pa said the dial had to go all the way around so when it stopped we needed to turn it a bit more to keep going. We were so proud of ourselves and told g-ma about our achievement. Apparently we ran one load thru all four cycles of the washing machine. They were really clean clothes. G-ma was appalled and came home within a day. I didn’t (wasn’t allowed to) do laundry again until college.
4. See a real ballet.
Oddly enough I still have not completed this one.
5. See Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.
Well, since I haven’t been to NY (see #1) we can assume I have not met this goal. Strangely enough I still can do it.
6. Meet Kenny Rogers in person.
I know – dork! I still love him. I did see him in concert and was less than a foot away from him. I consider this one pretty darn close to done. Although whenever I head to downtown I pray to run into him since we live in the same state. FYI his latest wife is my age so I hope to run into as well so she can introduce me.
7. Learn to sky-dive.
Haven’t done this one and no longer care to do this one.
8. Jump from a plane.
I’m hoping that would be with a parachute, which would make it skydiving which I still don’t want to do. Now if the plane is still on the ground and I am just jumping out onto the little life slide then it is still a possibility.
9. Survive chemistry lab. Done 5/26/1988
I guess I survived lab. Easier than jumping out of a plane.
10. Learn to ski. Done 2/27/1988 Silver Creek, CO
I love snow skiing and Silver Creek. I miss Colorado very much!

That was so much fun I just might have to make another list for this time in my life.

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