Ok – I am in overdrive! I fly out in 17 hours. I have not finished the laundry. I have not started packing. My house is a pig sty. I am completely unprepared to leave for a week. So, of course, I am going to spend my time blogging instead of getting a move on.
I had to tell you about lunch today. My friend and I went to a local Mexican restaurant. Right after we order I watch the waitress walk towards the kitchen when a puff of black smoke comes out and people start to freak out. The grill had started on fire. The people started to walk out the front door. My friend and I grabbed our drinks, chips and salsa and moved to the outside patio to watch for the handsome fire fighters when they showed up. We were the only ones out there and everyone was staring at us but then they went in and got their food and joined us. Finally our waitress came to tell us that the drinks were on them but they weren’t going to be able to do anymore business for the day. After we finished our drinks we got up and went to another restaurant.
I was productive and took in my recycling today. Well I better get busy. I will be back next Thursday! Have a great week!