I’m back!

A bit of a flight delay and I am finally home. I will post about my vacation with pictures later this weekend. Unfortunately I forgot my truck key in Kev’s car so I can’t leave the house today and go to work. This works out well since Kev did no cleaning while I was away so I have been knee deep in dishes and laundry all morning plus my tivo was 70% full so I had to work on that a bit. I need to get back to cleaning but I look forward to regaling everyone with my Kansas hootenanny and adventure. To whet your appetite I will leave you with a few key words on some of the highlights of my trip: Vera Wang, hay rack ride, farm golf, “I want my MTV” and Bitten. Oh and Tara, John, Jan, Barb, Lisa, Erin, Jenni, Heather, Connor, Amy & a slew of family members were all a highlight within themselves!
I finally got around to changing the color and quote for Oct. since I never even changed it for Sept. but life will go on somehow.

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