In Kansas and loving it! Had lunch with my awesome cousin yesterday – It was great to see you. :-) Spent last night at the hospital. One of my best friends had emergency surgery yesterday so I was up there to cheer her up. She can’t go to the farm for the weekend now but we did get to spend some time together. Today I’m having lunch with several sorority sisters. We may check out the Symphony Decorator’s House and Vera Wang’s new line at Kohl’s and then we have tickets for the show at the Cabaret tonight with my friend and her husband. Tomorrow I head to the farm. My favorite cousin and his girl are already back from Denver. It looks like practically my whole family is going to be there so I’m looking forward to it. My aunt says that after everyone leaves this weekend we are going to get in some rounds of farm golf. Can’t wait. I’ll take lots of pictures. Well I better get going!

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  1. How was the show on Friday?? I would love to see it!
    Don’t forget to call my mom to make arrangements for your lunch!

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