Leave Time

As I prepare to leave for my dream vacation I’m not sure if I am more scared or more excited. Funny how that works sometimes. I know I will be fine as soon as I land but the thought that I am completely unprepared has me a mess. I still haven’t packed but my house is mostly clean. Othello has been very cuddly for the past couple days and won’t let me out of his sight. I think the gig is up and he knows I am going away for awhile. I hope to hop into Internet cafes when possible and update the blog as time permits. This might not happen much next week while I am in the middle of the Scottish highlands freezing my arse off trying to find Nessie but definitely while I am in Edinburgh or London. I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

One thought on “Leave Time”

  1. Congrats June. I am so jealous and proud that you are taking this trip. I may see London if i win the Lottery. Live it up for me, too.

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