I just got my letter from Ruby Tuesday denying my claim! I know that Kyttra told me it would happen but I hoped for better results. They said “I couldn’t identify the object” which is BS. I told them it was a rock and the manager took it. I know that was my first mistake but I was in shock. All this crap over $110! Tomorrow I am going in to talk with the manager about this “not be able to identify the object” thing since he held it. I’m hoping he can inform them about the object and the fact that we are talking about the whole church staff witnessing me pull the rock out of my mouth. If that results in nothing then I will have a lawyer draft a letter. That is about all I can do without losing anymore money on this thing and they know it! To be honest I would be willing to let it go for a little concession on their part even $110 in credit at the restaurant but don’t piss me off! Don’t call me a liar! I can get scrappy in a fight! I got back my $12 from a phone company that frauded millions of people. It took me four hours on the phone and a complaint with the GA Dept. of Business but I got it. I will get something. It is now a matter of principle. Damn! Right before my vacation as if I didn’t have four hundred other things to do then fight a stupid restaurant chain for $110!

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  1. If you were eating something with hamburger, you can go after the meat processor. When we insured a meat processor in our office, I had numerous claims of broken teeth from the meat that was processed & sent to a particular taco fast food place.

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