New Life Style – Put up the bike shorts!

So this process has started with several tests. First I had to fill out seven hundred pages of questions.(Give or take several hundred) After that we decided that my body type was an adrenal type. This means that mostly my adrenal is out of whack right now. To decide if that was the case we did a very simple test. They took my blood pressure lying down (a very good 110/78) and then just had me stand up and took it again. From standing up my blood pressure shot up to 132/92. An average person’s bp goes up by 6 to 8 points but apparently adrenal types will have a significant change in blood pressure from laying down to standing up but mine was the largest jump she had ever seen. I said, “WooHoo! I won!” She laughed probably because what I won was hair falling off my head and reappearing on my face, adult acne, a fat ass, sore knees, terrible moodiness and a whole host of other fun door prizes. It was good to have a reason for why when I stand up I feel so darn dizzy – my blood pressure is sky-rocketing. I returned today to go over all the initial paperwork and tests with my Dr. First thing is that I’m working out too much! Adrenals not working properly means that when I’m working out so hard they freak out and turn my muscle into sugar or something like that – I was half-listening because I was still freaking out that my working out was actually helping me gain weight. I can only do forty minutes of moderate walking a day. I have to say goodbye to my spin classes until my adrenal starts working properly again. I forgot to ask about yoga – I’ll do that tomorrow when Kev goes in for his examine. (Let’s take a moment for the pigs to fly over because I am actually worried about not being able to workout for awhile.) Aside from the diet that consists of only a certain group of fruits and vegetables for two weeks I have to be seen for treatments twice a week. Every treatment will focus on healing any past injuries to my body and the lines of energy for my adrenal. Today my sinuses were messed up and will take several visits and we are working on my head from a concussion I suffered 10 years ago. After all the treatments I did feel much better today. Everything felt a little lighter and I didn’t have as many aches and pains. It all sounds so weird – I know but if it works then it will be worth it. We start the diet Sunday so I will let you know how it is going next week when I weigh in. The receptionist has lost 28 pounds and three dress sizes in three weeks!