I used to love politics but now I just turn the channel when it comes up. Ironically this is the first year that we backed a candidate financially. Ok it was only $25 not exactly Forbes type money but Kev felt strongly for a candidate so why should I begrudge him. (He asked my opinion since it is “our” money – that made me laugh.) Sadly our candidate just quit the race today. Here is my thing. To be frank all the candidates scare me to death! I kind of miss the days of old where most the candidates were kind of unknown to the rest of the country and they all had to prove their worth by traveling to the people and debating on the issues. Now days it feels like a high school popularity contest and the media(and candidate’s own terrible tactics) leads the ignorant with scare tactics and misinformation. It takes a lot of work to slug thru all the crap to find out what may or may not even be true about these people. I have a headache thinking about the work ahead of me before I can make a decision. It is times like this when I wish I wasn’t so darn patriotic and could just let fate make the decision like half of America already does but I would hate myself too much. Besides if I don’t vote – I can’t complain. God help us all to make it through this damn election.