This is sad

The Oscar nominations were just announced and the only movie on the list that I have seen is Ratatouille. Of course, we netflix everything so we only see about three movies a year at the theater. There was a time when I would have seen every movie up for nomination and one year I guessed every single winner correctly. I’m not sure if I’m sad that I haven’t seen these movies or if I’m sad that I used to totally get into this and spend lots of time on it. I think most actresses enjoy these awards shows. In 5th grade after I watched the ceremony I designed the dress I was going to wear to the Oscars when I won my Oscar. I still have that design laying around somewhere. I might have to make it and throw a party just for the dress even though the dream never came true.

One thought on “This is sad”

  1. I totally look forward to seeing your Oscar awarded to you some day. It’s ok to make the dress now, you could always wear it again when you do win. I was thinking the same thing about totally not really knowing the movies. Sad, but true of me, maybe I’m just to busy. Will I watch the show though? ToTALLY!

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