Cleaning House

I’ve been crazy busy this week cleaning, painting, packing, cleaning, painting, packing and you get the picture. The house is supposed to be ready for viewings tomorrow but it won’t be perfect. Due to the weather the front stairs aren’t stained, front door painted or new mulch put in. I still have to finish cleaning the first floor and get to the second floor today. So, of course, it is helpful that I have taken time off to blog. Too much work and not enough play makes Junebug sad.
In addition, I took time off last night to watch the apprentice. That woman is awful! I find it sad that she is so insecure with herself and her abilities that she has to spend all of her energy and time on trying to destroy the people around her.
It is very exciting that on Monday they are going to announce the new dancers for dancing with the stars.
I am enjoying the show Gone Country. Very amusing. Although I am still waiting to her Marsha sing.
After my house is perfect I should have more time for blogging and stuff. How exciting!