Yard Sale Queen

This is my third yard sale here. The first one I made about $20. The second one I made about $30. But yesterday I was so hot I could have sold ice to an Eskimo. I sold a ton of stuff. We also sold two items on Craigs list before we even started the real sale. Today I woke up to rain so I’ve decided not to open up shop. I sold enough items to make myself happy. The rest I will donate to the St. Vincent de Paul Society garage sale next month. A few items I will put up on freecycle.com and some I will put up on Craigs list. I would rather spend the day with my husband since it is the last weekend for us in our house. Our good friends (CP & RP) are coming out and bringing their two dogs. Saphron can’t wait to see her BFF Max. Well I’m going to have Kevin drive me around to pick up my signs and then head to a coffee shop for some refreshments. Then we are going to the bookstore to pick up a new board game Kevin wants to try out tonight.