Rant Update

As soon as I posted my blog yesterday – the electricity went out. I think that it is obvious that I am a little paranoid about my safety. I was peeking out my blinds when my BF called on my cell. I was explaining the problem while I picked up the house phone to call the electric company. NO DIAL TONE. Talk about throwing gasoline on a fire. My BF suggested that I walk around the house to check if any wires were cut. I know – she wasn’t exactly helping calm my paranoia. My husband pointed out later that perhaps if I actually thought someone had cut my lines that walking around to see wouldn’t be the best solution. A – That would be the place where the person last was and B – they would still be holding the sharp knife that they used to cut the lines in the first place. All good points that would have been more helpful before I walked around the house. To be honest I didn’t think (or hoped not) that someone cut the lines. I did think that maybe a squirrel or some other wildlife had caused a problem.
Anyway I called the electric company on my cell and then I called my husband. I told him that I just posted a rant blog on the union and then the electricity and phone went out. He said, “Oh, do you think the delta forces may be closing in on you.” He is so supportive sometimes. At least I gave him his morning laugh. Sometimes I believe he only married me for the laughs.
Our electricity was out from 10:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The postlady said it looked as if someone hit a major pole at the end of our road. Our neighbor, who likes to do all of his outside housework without a shirt, apparently hung out there most of the day and told us that some guy who was with the strike came home for lunch in this semi and hit the pole. The story seems so full of holes. Why would a guy in the strike have a semi? Why would he be coming home for lunch at 10:15 a.m.? Maybe my neighbor is a secret agent sent to protect me and took care of any threat. He then made up this silly story to protect me from the truth. Or I might just have too vivid an imagination. Either way I turned to my husband and said, “I told you the union was somehow involved.” He laughed, “That is true.” He loves my craziness.