If you were looking for a sugar, spice and everything nice blog today then you better come back tomorrow. This may be unpopular but I don’t believe in Unions or Tenure. I feel that when people are in the position that they can’t be fired by anything short of an act of congress that they become lazy and bratty. A strike in my humble opinion is just a bratty temper tantrum by a bunch of mob owned brats. Let me explain why I feel so strongly on this subject.
I’ve am now living thru my second strike at my husband’s job. The first time in Georgia was not pretty. My husband was salaried which meant that he had to go to work or he got fired. He was not there to do the job of the people on strike just his own job however they can make him be the janitor for the day if it is necessary. We were down to one vehicle at the time of that strike so I would have to drive him across the line and then drive back out across the line. This is America if you want to stand on the side of the road shouting like an idiot power to you but one day a witch had a video camera and actually went all around my truck videoing me. To say I had a bit of a melt down would be an understatement. I completely blew a gasket. By the time I got home I was shaking and crying with an uncontrollable anger and fear. I have been stalked and I have been attacked so I have a heighten awareness of any threat to my well being. I got home and I first called my husband freaking out. I then called the company to lodge an official complaint against the Union for violating my privacy. In my opinion taping my tag and my face is a violation of my privacy. Of course, nothing came of my complaint because a Union is a protection mob and I am not who they are protecting. It doesn’t matter that they set back my recovery from my previous trauma by years. The Union is protecting their workers from “the man”. Which apparently includes terrorizing a tramatized woman.
Today is our first day of a new strike and again we have one vehichile. My truck is still in the shop. I have to meet with the city prosecutor today between 3 and 5 to discuss my speeding ticket so I have to have a car. At this place I can’t take my husband to work and he can’t walk in so we had to meet one of his co-workers this morning so he could ride with him across the line. He will be off work while I am at the court house so he will have to wait in the sun this afternoon for who knows how long until I can come pick him up but I am so glad that the Union is sticking it to “the Man”. What the Union is really doing is hurting the co-workers who aren’t a part of the protection mob. They are hurting my best friend, a single parent, who is going to miss tons of time with her daughter this last week before school starts because she has to waste time in lines getting in and out of work. While the strikers only have to put in four hours a day on the strike line. I hope that they get lots of time with their families while others are suffering. Nobody gets paid until they get to their desk so even if they spend two hours in line getting in and out of the company that is just time lost that they can’t spend with their families. On top of that my husband was just hired this year. When the brats come back to work who are the first people the company is going to cut in order to pay off the protection mob. The last salaried employees who aren’t protected by the mob. We have sacrificed everything to move back here and start all over. We are on a very specific budget and plan. This can complete derail us. To make matters worst it looks as if our neighbor is a part of the Union. I understand we all have to do what we have to do but it scares me more. I don’t like that someone in the mob knows where we live. He may or may not be a nice man but the Union considers the strike a sort of war. There is no niceness in war. I am fighting a rising terror in myself as I have this feeling of being unsafe. I know that I should be praying for all involved but I can’t seem to find the sympathy inside myself. They are complaining about medical. Well my husband pays 20% out of his check – more than Union members. They are demanding 4% guareented salaray raises for the next three years. My husband isn’t guaranteed any raise or even a job after this strike. They say that they are fighting for any new people who may be coming into the job in the future. What about their fellow co-workers who may be out of a job after this tantrum is done? They keep saying this company isn’t as good as another company in town. Then go work for that other company!! This is America and you have a right to choose to work wherever you want.
Unions were designed to protect workers from unsafe work environments during a really touchy time in our nations history. Now they are bloated mobs. Bloated with overpaid executives causing problems for good companies in order to line their pockets with more money. People keep complaining about US companies taking the companies overseas. No wonder!

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  1. AMEN! I’m with you on this one. The strike is stupid. If they went to work anywhere else in town, they’d never find money or benefits anywhere near as good as the contract they are striking against. They say it helps all workers everywhere. WRONG! It helps them afford more smokes, a bigger motor for their boat and maybe upgrading their home to a triple-wide. Selfish! Rude! Inconsiderate! Hang in there.

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