Staycation Musings Part 3

Day 9 – Poo Free Day! Nice solids done outside. I know you care! Worked out. Kinesiologist appt. Dr. appt. Doc. Green’s with hubby. Read book for book club on Thursday.

Day 10 – Start a new medication. Do dishes. Right before I leave for my friends house notice that Othello is starting to be less solid. Go to friends. Go to meeting. Blood pressure dropping. Go back to friends dizzy and sluggish. She can’t get my blood pressure at all. Fixes me a turkey sandwich. Feel better. New meds made my blood pressure and blood sugar drop real low. I’ll have to watch that for awhile. Come home. SHIT EVERYWHERE AGAIN. Call vet and make appointment for next day. Realize I have three days before dogs go to kennel for weekend and I fly away. Not a good time for Othello to get sick especially as I am kicking into clean, clean, clean mode. I am so getting a pedicure on Thursday! Watch one of my favorite shows, Wipeout, with hubby. Read book for book club on Thursday.

Day 11 – Slow start. Little cautious after medicine malfunction the day before. Finish up my August Southern Living Party. Finish Laundry. Cleaned both bedrooms. Call a few friends about our Atlanta trip. Call inspector for 2nd time. Call home warranty to verify the damage is definitely not covered by the warranty. Email mortgage guy for advice. Take Othello to the vet. Leave vet with lots of medicine for Othello. Spend the evening doing everything but what I should to leave Friday. Kevin and I go out to eat.

Day 12 – Pedicure. Lunch with friends skipping book club. Eye brow waxing. Home to clean and pack. Leave for vacation tomorrow.

Tomorrow we fly out to Atlanta for the weekend. We may be hitting a book festival and the annual geek festival. It all depends on our friends. Either way we are looking forward to time away from our poop machines and time with our friends.

On a side note: Please pray for my friends who were struck by tragedy this week. Their hearts, bodies and souls are broken in a way that only time and prayer can heal. I love you guys and will see you soon.

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