Eavesdropping on myself

Last night at Financial class the inevitable happened. We were asked the dreaded question. Do you guys have kids? I took a sharp breath in and looked at Kev. He said “No.” It all seemed a little awkward so I said, “We do have two dogs but they don’t ask for money. They just spend it.” We all had a good laugh and moved on.
In the car Kev said, “You know why they ask us if we have kids? It’s because we don’t look like we have kids so for some weird reason that prompts them to ask the stupid question.”
Me: “I know did you see the look on my face? I just didn’t know what to say because all these mean retorts keep popping up.”
Kev: “Yes, we have kids but we keep them locked in the basement. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.”
I just laughed and laughed. I can’t blame people for asking the question it is natural but the way it makes me feel so depressed is just as natural.