Monday Musings

I’ve entered the world of twitter. Watch out.

I am grateful that three days of forecasted rain turned into one so that I didn’t have to spend the weekend mopping up water.

We walked along the river yesterday. Parts of the path were still under water.

We went to the Palace to see Hancock. Not a bad movie. It felt weird to pay $2.50 for a movie at the “dollar theater”. I know it hasn’t been a $1 theater in forever but I still miss the old price. One of the first movies I saw there in college was Flatliners. Memories of the old $1 midnight movie with my dorm friends. Good Times.

Bad side of the $1 theater. The group of about 8 middle school kids who set beside us. Talking. On cell phone. Elbow in my side. More talking. Run out to the lobby. Back in. Kicked me. More talking. Another elbow. Everyone around them kept telling them to be quiet. I was trying to ignore them but the constant elbow in my side and kicking was getting to me. At various points I said, “Y’all are being very rude. Very rude.” and “If you don’t want to watch the movie then go in the lobby to talk please.” I know it is pointless to talk to kids like this at the movies but I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t let them ruin my movie though.

We did our first homework for the Financial Peace class. If we go according to the budget we did last night we will be spending more than $1,000 per month than we actually make. This would be if we saved money for all the things that we know are coming due at various points instead of waiting and then using the credit card. Good thing I got a job.

Must sell everything I possible can at my garage sale in order to work budget.

Very exciting news! I am at 1,983 visitors to my blog. At the rate that I have visitors I could hit the 2,000th visitor mark by Friday. Oh happy day! Maybe if I can figure out who is the 2,000th visitor I will send them a prize. Well, not a prize exactly since I am on a budget but perhaps a garage sale leftover sort of prize. Free prize ideas are welcome in the comment section.

I’m off to the gym, then work, then Financial class at church and finally home to go to bed. Busy day.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. I vote the prize shall be something light weight and full of oddness. It should then be passed on and photographed so that it’s legacy may expand forever!

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