Only 9 more people until I hit 2000 visitors! It is all so exciting.

I have set up for three different companies to come out and give me estimates on our basement. Kev is researching possibilities on how to do things ourselves. I really hope one of these companies come back with a good quote. It will be so much easier on my marriage.

I’m hated at work because I actually work. I’m cutting into a coworkers solitaire time. She got caught yesterday by the boss and lied! Lied! Lied! I kept quiet and did my work. I figure if I am producing as much as I am it is obvious that I am not playing solitaire.

Why is it that on the days that I don’t work out I feel the most sore and tired? I guess that is God’s way of keeping me in the gym.

I am missing my cycle circuit class this morning to meet with one of the companies for the estimate. I love cycle circuit. It makes me feel hardcore. It is an hour long class. On the bike for 15 minutes, get off and run around the track twice, do the stairs twice, run the track twice, stairs twice, back on bike for 15, off to lunge straight part of track, run curb twice, pick up weights and shoulder press around track once, drop weights, run track again, back on the bike for 10, off the bike and abs for 10, finally crawl to the car. I’m tired just writing about it.

I’m not anywhere ready for the garage sale next weekend. I have a ton of work to do this weekend.

Since I am so busy I dropped by the library yesterday to get a new card and pick up a book. I will need something to do in between working on stuff for the garage sale.

I need to go thru lots of boxes in the basement. The less stuff in the basement to worry about in case of more water the better.

Dancing with the Stars is returning next week and I couldn’t be more excited. You probably noticed that I haven’t even discussed the new season. My reasons:
1. I am trying to cut back on my amount of TV watching so I can spend more time on my real goals in life.
2. What’s the point! TV execs have lost their every loving minds! What happened to originality? There are only 27 new shows and at least 8 of them are rehashed shows (90210, Knight Rider) or stolen from BBC (Life on Mars, Eleventh Hour) and in one case stolen from Australian TV (Kath & Kim). I’m a big BBC watcher so I already saw Life on Mars and don’t need to see it again. Nothing will compare to the original.
3. I really need to get a life.

It feels weird to have homework. Our Financial Class gives us homework every week. Kev and I share the book. Since we are both procrastinators I have to read the book on Saturday so Kev can read it on Sunday for class on Monday. See how charitable I am?

I have to go to work after the inspection today but it is all good because I get to work by myself on Thursday afternoons. Yeah!

Since the flood we have gotten ants this week. They are driving me mad. I think I am going to have to break the budget and get an exterminator out here. I can’t stand ants. We don’t even have anything for them to eat. They are just roaming around the cabinets like they are lost in a desert.

2 thoughts on “Musings”

  1. I’ve been thinking about you! Hope the basement solution is easier (and cheaper) than anticipated!

    BTW, I think you’d make a cute Nicole :)

  2. The first estimate was much better than anticipated. It could be worse. I have two more estimates but I think we are going with this guy. Plus if they do the egress window at the same time it will save $1,400!
    Thank you! :-) Nicole aka junebug

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