And the 2000th visitor to my blog was…..drum roll…..Kyttra!
I am working on your prize.

Tomorrow starts Heroes and Dancing with the Stars. Seriously could the night get any better?

Is it just me or is anyone else completely unamused by Kenley’s inappropriate giggling during the judging on Project Runway?

Got husband to return two items to Home Depot for almost $60. An old dog can learn new tricks. My anti-social husband who does not believe in returns said, “That went pretty well.” I think I should get like a Nobel Peace prize or at least a free ice cream at McD’s.

Took the dogs on a very long walk. They got a tour of where the homeless live down by the river. Two really liked the dogs. Othello pooed on the sidewalk again. I have seriously never seen a dog that just poos as he walks. Stopping to do number two is just such an inconvenience for him. Saphron found something vile in the grass to roll in. She’s not sleeping with me tonight.

I’m enjoying all the comments thank you to all the new visitors.