Eavesdropping on myself

We have a baby gate across the stairs to the basement. Since Othello was sick he thinks he can go poo on the cement floor in the basement. I was carrying my oatmeal and tea down to the computer room in the basement this morning.
Me: “Honey, could you please hold the gate for me?”
Hubby: “Sure.” Pause as I pass to start down the stairs. “As I push you and you fall down the stairs.” Hee! Hee!
I turned slowly on the stair to peer at him from slitted eyes.
Me: “Did you get some insurance on me that I don’t know about?”
He just giggled as he left the house.
He didn’t say no. I’m trying to decide if I should be worried. Perhaps he is getting along with Nicole* too well.

* New Readers: One of my gym instructors thinks my name is Nicole and I haven’t yet felt comfortable correcting her.

Yesterday in gym class I came running in late.
Instructor into headset: “Hey Nicole!”
Whole class turns to look at me. I looked up startled because I’m still not used to being addressed by Nicole but since the whole class is staring at me I just smile and wave. Great! Now the entire class thinks my name is Nicole. If I don’t do something soon pretty soon I’m just going to have to change my name. My life can be such a sitcom. If I was single I would suddenly meet the man of my dreams in the class and he would think I was Nicole. Years later he would look at my license and say “Why does your license say Junebug?”

2 thoughts on “Eavesdropping on myself”

  1. Hahaha! Next time she calls you Nicole, correct her by saying “Actually, no one calls me by that name except for my grandmother. All my friends call me Junebug.” It’s a friendly way of correcting someone without making them feel stupid and without you sounding harsh. Some people are extremely sensitive.

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