Monday Musings

I think my husband is trying to kill me. Slowly and painfully. I’m trying to train for a 5K on Jan. 1st. I thought (1st mistake) that it would be a good way to start a New Year by crossing off a resolution on the first day. I asked my husband to help me. (2nd mistake) On Saturday we walked along the river for 6 miles. It was beautiful for the first three miles. Then on Sunday I ran for a mile – all at once! Not the quarter mile, walk, run quarter mile – no – the whole mile at once. I’m actually quite proud of myself on that on. I only need to do that times 3 and I’ve got my 5K. However, the week is proving a bit more difficult. This morning it was up at 4:45 AM and to get to the 5:45 AM cycling class. We could only find one pair of biker shorts so I let my husband use them and my eve parts are screaming at me. Plan for the rest of the week. Tuesday – 8:15 Cycle Circuit Class (Cycle, run, cycle, run, cycle, run, cycle, abs) Wednesday- A new class for us. 5:30 AM Boot Camp – A mixture of cardio and strength training and endurance. Yeah! Thursday – Repeat 8:15 Cycle Circuit Friday – 5:15 AM Body Design – A class that my trainer said, “Kicked my (tiny) butt.” What do you think it is going to do to my flabby butt! I’m scared – very scared. Saturday and Sunday will be walking and running. This weekend we are going for two miles of running.
That’s not all. I need to find time to throw in three yoga and/or pilates classes. With all that cardio I need something to balance it all out.
What type of time commitment does that require? Well it took 2 hours and 20 minutes to walk 6 miles. I ran my mile in just under 15 minutes but with warm up & cool down walking laps and stretching I put in 30 minutes. Then for the week all my classes equals 4 hours. By Friday at noon in one week I will have worked out 6 hours and 50 minutes.
We spent yesterday afternoon listing a bunch of books and computer games for sale on Am*zon. One had already sold this morning so I need to mail it off today. Next weekend we are going to put some stuff on Craig’s list to sell. We are really getting serious about parring down to a “simple lifestyle”. You know we are serious when we start selling books. Both of us are big readers and selling books is like selling your friends to strangers.
Friday night we spent at the theatre. We went to my college alma mater to see “The Night Thore*u Sp*nt in J*il”. It was pretty good. Mostly it was odd being in the theatre where I spent so much time backstage or on-stage but not in the audience. I’ve wanted to see it for a long time since I studied about and met one of the co-playwrights – Jerome Lawrence. I must admit that I am a much bigger fan of Emers*n than Thore*u.
I use the * to help cut down on the number of hits from go*gle.
I love sayings that churches put up. I find them funny and inspiring. However, one this weekend has me completely stumped. It said, “God’s snake is bigger than your snake.” What? At first I “went there” and thought dirty. Like male revue dirty but what does that have to do with church? I’m still completely bewildered. I guess it could be a statement against one of those churches that has snakes somehow involved. Considering that the snake is my kryptonite I wouldn’t have a clue what happened in one of those churches.