Thursday Musings

I love Blue Agave. It is awesome. Blue Agave is the tequila weed. It is an organic sweetener. It is low glycemic for those who might be leaning towards diabetics. I put a little bit on my morning oatmeal. It can be put in anything you like to sweeten. Last night I found it at Targ*t. Yeah!

While the car is in the shop we are sharing the truck. Yesterday morning the check engine light came on. When it rains it pours! The shop called to tell us the car had a list a mile long that equaled $1,500! We agreed to two repairs for $270. Kev thinks he can do everything else himself for around $100. He thinks because he is an engineer he can do anything. Perhaps in theory but I have yet to see it always work out. I’m just hoping it will still run when he is done. He still doesn’t know about the truck’s light yet.

Tonight my BF and I are ushering at the theatre because, yes, I am too cheap to spend $17.50 when I can usher and see the show for free. It is a show being directed by one of my old college professors and starring one of my other former college professors. I will probably get to see several former acquaintances.

I ran into an old friend yesterday morning in my 5:30 am boot camp class. Yeah! I’m not the only idiot I know getting up at an awful hour to work out.

Speaking of working out I am still working on training for the 5K. Tuesday I ran for 1.75 miles. I’m almost to 2 miles right on target for my schedule. I was so proud of myself.

I’m having an old friend over for tea tomorrow. Very excited to spend time with her. Too bad it is just before doggy bath weekend. Othello is stinky! It’s not really his fault because Saphron has bad a** breath from licking her a** all day and then she is always licking him. She has an addiction to licking. She loves to lick all day long on anything even if it is moving away from her. We play this very funny game. If she is leaning on you and looking at you if you stick out your tongue she will stick hers out as if to lick it. Every time! Keep sticking your tongue out and she will respond with a sticking hers out. Great enjoyment for the bug household.

Looks like I need to start job hunting. If anyone in my area has any leads let me know. :-)

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