Friday Musings

I know I said that would get right back on this but I’m not supposed to be under any stress so I’m trying to be all like when I get to it man.

Received test results. Thyroid is on the fritz. Lacking Vitamin D. Seriously way over my iodine limit or it is a test mistake. Normal range is 42 – 350. Mine was 3374. A little high. Probably a lab error. Whatever – not a problem. I start medication as soon as I make it to the pharmacy. This weekend I go back on a raw food diet and liver cleanse. Still have to retake the other test. Hopefully my cyst burst as usual but I assume it was larger than usual or they wouldn’t be concerned enough for me to take another test. That awful junk they make me drink sure does give me bad gas. I’m such a lady. Ok – I’m not but I play one sometimes on stage.

Hubby’s work will be starting layoffs again. Possibly up to 1,000 people. I’m not worried. There is always unemployment or welfare. Most likely would end up back in Georgia or (heaven forbid) Texas. No worries. I have friends in both states and it would get me out of this house. Although this house could probably qualify for section 8. I told my hubby tonight I wasn’t worried about it because we would be taken care of. He said, “By who?” My first response should have been “by the sugar daddy I keep on the side” instead I said, “By us. And God.” He said, “Oh. I was wondering because we don’t have anyone to help us. It’s just us.” I said, “We have each other and we have love.” Then because that was too sicky sweet even for me I burst into song, “We have love, love, love, yeah, yeah, yeah, etc.”

I’m all ready for school. I’ve registered. I’ve set up my payment plan. I’ve hocked a kidney to buy my books. I’m all ready except I don’t know what I’m going to carry my books inside. What do all the cool kids use? I figure my rolling backpack is out. My BF says a messenger bag. I said I was just going to carry my stuff in my arms the first day while I checked out what everyone else was using. Seriously, I’m just going to use a big brown leather bag I have at first. It’s kind of like a messenger bag so it will at the very least not embarrass me. Now I just have to get my roots done so that I’m not the only student with gray hair. I’m getting this awful white hair in the middle of my head kind of like a skunk mohawk. I’m sure it is so not in right now. My main goal is to just blend in with the crowd. Oh – and to learn. (While not getting stressed.)

Did you know that trying to not be stressed is possibly more stressful?

I’m up to 77 friends on facebook. I’m shocked. It’s so fun to see how some of my friends are friends with others that I didn’t even know they knew. I love that. Mostly I play games. I haven’t updated my status in forever and I don’t always like to write on walls because maybe I don’t want the whole world to read what I write. It just enforces how much I detest Mysp*ce even more. Mostly I dislike Mysp*ce because of the backgrounds that people choose. Because of my color blindness there are some pages I can’t even read because of their color choices.

Hubby will be fixing the brakes on my car this weekend. I hope. It is so embarrassing to announce my arrival anywhere by this horrible screeching sound.

I better get busy with the budget and clean. The insurance nurse is coming today to take all of hubby’s vital statistics for our new life insurance policy.

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  1. I secretly miss me my Junebug. I’m totally stressin so reading your “no stress” posts make me feel way better. I’m totally catching up on like a million all at once.

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