Ode to the Mac

Today marks the anniversary of the first Mac released in 1984. I remember working on one in high school for the yearbook. I loved that thing. Later I became a PC person until my husband dragged me back to Mac kicking and screaming. Now I wouldn’t go back to PC unless I had no choice. In honor of the occasion I have written a bad poem. I don’t know how you celebrate but I have discovered that I like to commemorate events with terrible rhymes.

Ode to the Mac

Oh! my boxy friend
my love for you knows no end.

ilove my widgets and itunes,
they make me sing and dance like a loon.

I’m protected behind massive firewalls
that make bugs answer to last call.

The only thing my Mac lacks
is being able to make snacks.

2 thoughts on “Ode to the Mac”

  1. hahahah, I loved the poem!! That’s great!!

    Man, don’t feel bad that it can’t make snacks. I can’t talk my PC into doing that either (no matter how long I salivate and stare down the Food Network web page, it NEVER feels sorry enough for me). :-(

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