Tuesday Musings

I believe that windshield wiper companies purposely make the middle part weak so that it always fails right in the drivers sight line so that we have to buy more wiper blades.

I spent the evening under 5 blankets trying to convince my husband to finish his masters in computer science so that we could move to Costa Rica. Where I can teach English, he can do computer stuff and we can live on the beach where it is warm. We are a bit concerned about the dogs having to fly in cargo but a little bit of Benedrayl knocks them both out anyway. That stuff can have Saphron staring at the wall for hours. (I don’t purposely go around drugging my dogs. I found this out after we were all attacked by yellow jackets. It was the only way to easy their pain and stop their itching. All four of us were staring into space.)

Work was called off so I was able to complete one reading, complete one assignment, do a first draft of a paper due tomorrow, and soon I will start on the readings due Thursday. Almost all caught up. Yeah Me!

I was too lazy to put out the trash this morning or bring in the paper. Yes I do consider myself a complete slacker if it wasn’t for all the homework I completed.

Our office is in the basement and therefore is currently about 15degrees. I have to take breaks and go upstairs to warm up. Another reason I’m voting for Costa Rica.

Our garage door doesn’t work when the temperature goes below 20 degrees. You have to get out and help it. So know my shower determines when I may or may not shower and my garage door determines when I may or may not leave the house – house possessed? I may need to call ghost busters.

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