Shaken not Stirred

I found a new activity to add to my travel list for when I visit Australia. It is a horse-drawn restaurant. I think that it would be a fun experience probably not the best for my motion sickness problem. Eating and bouncing? Maybe I could wear the same patch I wear when I go on a cruise. It mostly keeps my sea sickness at bay. I was only bothered at night in the dining room which was close to the front of the ship. Normally you don’t feel much but we had really rough seas. I didn’t eat much. I’m probably one of the few people who actually lose weight on a cruise. I love trying the classes in the gym, the dance lessons, physical excursions on the islands and all I eat is sushi and creme brulee. I so want to be on a cruise right now! Hubby and I have decided it is one of our favorite ways to travel. I even love the spa and getting special massages. So fun. Ok. I don’t know how I went from horse drawn restaurant to missing cruising but there you are. Here is a link to a video about the restaurant. I’m not sure why they end it in a bathroom but that may be because I didn’t have the volume on. :-)
Australian Restaurant

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  1. Oh.I don’t know when we will go to Australia but I keep a notebook of things I want to do in different countries when I visit. I am definetly going to Australia.

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