Tuesday Musings

I saw Up yesterday. I believe that my friends that recommended this movie are not really my friends after all. Perhaps they are my enemies. You know..keep your enemies closer. I bawled like a baby from the first precartoon thru the infertile couple part to the freakin’ bloody end. Perhaps…if my friends knew me at all… recommending this movie on the day that I turn 37 and am in the 7th year of infertility was not the brightest move. I shall find a way to pay them back. They shall cry sometime soon. Squirrel! Ok..parts of it were very funny but I did cry most of the movie.

Training for the former Pony Express went better last night. I have to pass 37 tests in 52 hours. On Friday at 12 hours I had only passed 7 tests but last night in 4 hours I passed 13 so I feel much better.
Things I have learned so far:
1. I can not accept gifts from anyone who may need the services of the Pony Express. Uhh…isn’t that like everyone? Unless they are someone who would normally give me a gift anyway. (So nice try for all those out there who thought that meant you would not have to ever buy me a gift again. I know my husband got all excited until I got to the exception part.) I can, also, accept key chains, mugs, pens, pencils, erasers, etc. Promotional type stuff. I can accept food, however, if it is a whole box of cookies worth more then $20 I can accept it but have to share it with the entire facility.
2. Their videos have not been updated since the 80’s. Lots of shoulder pads and big hair. (I miss big hair. It was so my thing.) I learned during diversity that in the 90’s we expect to see more women enter the workforce as lawyers and doctors. Good to know in 2009.
3. I’m not sure what cleaner they use in the bathroom but I love it. It smells like strawberry gum. Yum!
4. People’s handwriting can really suck but don’t address your letters any neater because then I would be out of a job.