Eavesdropping on Myself

I’m not really back yet but I couldn’t resist sharing this with you.

We were walking the dogs the other night. A guy runs past and makes a comment a few feet later this is the conversation.

Hubby: What did he say?
Me: He said ‘nice looking dog’.
Hubby: Oh!
Me: Why? What did you think he said?
Hubby: I thought he said ‘You’re going to die’.
Me: (I laugh) That is not what he said. He was talking about Othello.
Hubby: Well, that does make more sense. I thought he might be a hit man or something that you hired.
Me: Seriously? You think that I would a)hire a hit man and b)tell him to warn you first. Maybe I’m having him play with you a bit beforehand.
Hubby: Well, you never know.
Me: No, I guess YOU don’t. (sinister plotting face expression) :-)

One thought on “Eavesdropping on Myself”

  1. That is cute…well except for the hitman part. That isn't cute. But it is funny though. :) New to you blog!

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