My Fall Addiction

To my newest readers: A couple of times a year I go all TV geek. I love my TV. Have no fear though because I only geek out a couple of times a year. The rest of the time I am completely not normal. :-)

This year will be a little easier for me not to watch as much TV due to the cancellation of Reaper, Eleventh Hour, Without a Trace, Earl, Samantha, Eli, King of the Hill, Worst Enemy, Daisies and Crusoe. Plus the newest cancellation of Saving Grace. And the ending of Monk. I might actually not have to worry about my TiVo filling up while I study.

These are my addictions for the Fall:
Monday – DWTS – Ok, I’m only excited about 1/2 the cast but a two are my fav’s from previous guilty pleasures MJ Hart(who got Mark) formerly of Sabrina (how I miss thee) and Kelly from the Osb*urnes because who doesn’t love watching a train wreck. (She should be fun and is put with Louis(Serious WTF match). I have issues with the joanna model because I watched one episode of the summer reality show she was in and she was a total b*tch. She blamed her partner for their loss so it could be interesting to see how she gets on with Derek. I still haven’t forgiven Donny for his mean fat comments from years ago but I do savor holding a good grudge. He got Kym though and she is so sweet.
Castle because I have to admit that I find nothing Fillion does wrong.
Chuck and Heros will be sharing the same hour during the season but at least my Chuck is back even if it is for only half a season.
Naturally that means that I get to catch HIMYM during the other parts of the season when they rerun. Only have one machine but this method worked for the last season I am almost all caught up on it from the summer.
No new shows on Monday are calling my name.

Tuesday – NCIS X 2 – On the fence with the new one but will give it a chance.
If I’m not feeling too far behind I will catch Biggest Loser but it was falling flat for me last year. However, since I’ve already lost 30 pounds in the last month and a half I might watch for more inspiration and tips.
I don’t do bloated results shows but once DWTS is over I will be all over Scrubs/Ted combo. I love Ted.
New Tuesday night shows – Besides the new NCIS, I might try The Forgotten. Slater has been signed on and I’m possibly not over Heathers yet. It is about a team of detectives that solve cold missing person cases or something. I saw the original promo but now that it was recast it might have some other alterations.

Wednesday – Almost a night off for me. ANTM because I love watching it. It reminds me that thin beautiful women are really not any better then me. Some are not very nice people and I almost (almost) feel sorry for them.
Of course, I still love CSINY.
New show to watch – One of my readers would absolutely kill me if I did not mention Glee. I have a major issue with one of the side adult characters as an actress but other then that I like it and will watch hoping that the actress in question gets better. I’m sometimes an optimist.

Thursday – Old fav’s returning Bones, CSI, Office, Mentalist and Fringe which I have to watch on the net because I can’t tape three shows at once. Thank goodness ProjectR reruns one hour after it first shows.
New show – Dominic M*naghan is joining the cast of FlashForward so I might have to watch for my hobbit fix. Its premise is about some global event in which everyone in the world blacks out for a couple minutes and has visions of the future. Sounds kind of hooky but so did Lost when I read about it before it started. I might have even had it listed as the first new show to be canceled of its season. I’m ok with being wrong, however, I still maintain that singing bee show and knight rider should have gone before they even started.
And I will check out Community because Joel is there and I will see him one day before I see him on TSoup.

Friday – Returning favs: Monk(I will miss you.), Psych, Ghost (still not all on with the Jim as Sam and then they threw in a baby thing), Medium (moved to CBS – spirits I thank thee), #’s and UBetty (Why, oh, why is abc trying to kill you by moving you to Friday? FlashForward better be worth it. Personally I think Betty would go better with Grey’s and Grey’s 2 then an action drama but that’s why I am a couch observer and not paid for my opinion.)

Saturday – Nada because apparently execs forgot that part of the population actually stays home on Sat. nights especially when they are poor. I miss the Pretender/Profiler nights. (sigh) So it is BBC night for me. Usually Torchwo*d and a little Graham.

Sunday – Returning: Amazing R*ce (I shall be on there one day. I swear as Neilson is my witness.) and Cold Case. Sorry I left DH over a season ago. I couldn’t make the leap to the future. Possibly CApprentice depending on who they get this time. I’m still mad about the last winner.
New – Nothing for me to watch.

Prediction of breakout hit – Have to go with Glee. 1. My neighbor is holding a remote to my head and 2. I think it is just quirky enough to make it.

Prediction for first cancellation – Tough one to call without my magic remote globe. I want to say the Cougar show because I am so over that term but Courteney is way funny and the Scrubs guy wrote for it so I might even give it a view.
I want to say the Good Wife because I’m not sure if Julianna has been forgiven for moving past ER since every show she has tried as flopped. Speaking of a hospital that almost made me pick Mercy because no one (hear me! no one) can replace ER.
But I have decided on Eastwick. The positives are the cast and the fact that it basically has no competition except CSINY. However, I hate! hate! unoriginal ideas. How often has a movie first worked on the tv second? Even Terminator has been limping along each season always under fire. I just don’t see it working but I do love magic and fantasy. That might pull enough viewers to make it last the season.

PS – I’m most looking forward to V when it shows up in November. I know I just ranted about remakes but that was from movie to tv. I love this V cast. So I am hoping against all hope(that optimist thing again darn it) that it will be good. Besides I wasn’t allowed to watch the original. I had to play in my room while my mom watched on the tv.

So there you have it. My fall obsession has been examined, the tivo has been set and I am ready. What shows are you looking forward to the most this season?

Not you – I know it’s Glee! Hee! Hee! Just kidding your opinion counts as well.

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  1. I love your TV geek outs! It makes me feel like I'm not the only couch warmer out there! I'll admit, I'm pretty excited for Glee. I loved the promo they did. I also can't wait for greys, ANTM, and big bang theory! Oh how I will miss ER… *tear*

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