Say What?

I saw a sign today for a hairdressers.
“Straight back braid – $35”
I thought “Someone pays to have their back hair braided? Someone would braid someone else’s back hair?”

Last night at work someone passes a note to my supervisor that read:
“G44 is chewing gum and is a career.”
I thought “Seriously? You are a grown a** woman turning in another grown a** woman for chewing gum! I totally have a new take on the term going postal after working for the Pony Express myself.”
Notes: All seats are computers are labeled alpha#. A career is an actually employee but most of us are temps. We can’t have any food or drink on the floor including gum. I find the gum part kind of silly because honestly how often has your gum fell out of your mouth onto your computer? Unless, of course, you are sitting next to the constantly and yet randomly farting out loud coworker for the first time and your jaw drops that someone is actually that uncouth.

2 thoughts on “Say What?”

  1. roflmao – thanks for the laugh! The visuals I had of this stuff had me cracking up.

    Hmmm….I wonder how much someone would pay me to french braid or upbraid their hair?

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