Bad news – I only lost .3 pounds. I guess that is to make up for losing 5.5 last week. Grrrr!

Good news – I can’t believe but I won another prize. How amazing is that? Now someone just needs to host a blog prize of winning a positive pregnancy test and I will know for sure that I am one lucky woman! This time the prize is this amazing sweater purse that I know I am going to love sporting around town this winter. It will go well with some of my new outfits. After all the nice things she said about me, I have to say she is a total sweetheart and talented to boot. Check out her blog over at Tally’s Place.

4 thoughts on “Mondays!”

  1. I know it's not what you were hoping for – but a loss of .3 is going in the right direction!!

    Congrats on your prize win – sounds like a great bag! You'll have to post pictures when you receive it. :)

  2. Congratulations!
    I'm new to your blog and not sure of your weight loss journey, but have you checked out the website It's an AMAZING free tool.

  3. You silly girl…I need you to email me your address. While I could try to send it to Junebug in Kansas, somehow I don't think you would get it. Thanks for the plug on your blog. xxoo

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