Tuesday Musings

Notice anything different? I got sent home early from work so I have been playing with my layout and updating my friends and, well, just plain messing around.

I read this story about a couple in Tenn. who after getting married at a resort, rented a cabin on said resort and later the police noticed their car behind the chapel and a lock box of money missing. The couple was found at a restaurant where they confused and returned the $500. Where do you begin with this? They say opposites attract but not in this case. Stupid is as stupid does. Wow. Why would you rob the place you were staying at and on top of that leave your car at the scene? I have a sneaky suspicion that alcohol may have been involved. Just a hunch. I wonder if they got separate cells or are allowed conjugal visits. Let’s face it. We know with their intelligence they should be trying to procreate. People like that never have issues with infertility.

I’m still not over the woman in AL last week ago who was arrested for her having her daughter ride on top of the car in a box.
(This is not the actually conversation but my dramatic interpretation from the stories I read of what was said.)
Police: “Ma’am, did you know your daughter was on top your car?”
Woman: “Yes, the box wouldn’t fit into the car so she is holding it down on the roof.”
Police: “Ma’am, that is not safe.”
Woman: “Oh, it’s ok. I secured the box with a clothes hanger.”
She gets a kid and I get a sonogram of a cyst.

I love that when I come home from work Othello (my lab for any newbies) meets me at the door and then after I sit down on the sofa stands there staring at me until I let him get up and curl up with me. Such love. I, also, love that Saphron (other dog) stays sleeping on my side of the bed so that when I go to bed and kick her out I have a nice warm spot to curl up in myself. It is the simple things in life at 3 a.m. that make me happy.