27 Days of Thankful

While doing my regular round of checking out my fellow bloggers I ran into this neat little campaign. I have to admit that I struggle with holidays. As soon as Halloween is over until New Years I am just not myself. I miss my mom, dad and sister and I miss having a home to go back to. Sure I have my aunts and uncles, most of which I adore, it is not the same as curling up and talking with my mom. I always looked forward to giving that feeling of safety and love to my child that I felt growing up. However, after all these years of failure I have stopped celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas. I put up no decorations. I go to no family events. We take one of the holidays to stay at home and do nothing and the other we go out of town on vacation. It is how I have been able to cope and survive. When I saw this I thought perhaps it could be one of the ways that I could participate without committing to any past traditions that make me sad. I shall give it an effort anyway. Here is the original blogger that started this.

I have to catch up.
Day One – I am grateful that daylight savings time gave me back an hour to sleep in since I am still on Mex.i.can time and could really use the extra sleep.

Day Two – I am thankful that I have such wonderful fellow students in my class. They are helpful when I miss a class and they are supportive in my grumblings about a test. It is great to work some guys that are so supportive in what you are doing. It is a terrific learning environment. I will miss them when they graduate in the May.

Day Three – I am thankful for a wonderful husband whom even though he has the flu got up and went for a walk with me. Ok – he owed me for complaining that I brought him water in a mug instead of a glass but I’m glad while he can’t admit he is wrong he is willing to make it up to me in other ways.

Day Four – I am thankful for my dogs. Othello is curled up snoring as I type and it makes me smile and feels my heart with joy.

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  1. It's nice to think of the positive each day….I'm hoping I continue this even after the 27 days are up. lol

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