Friday Musings

I turned in my final test and the class is out of my life. Thank goodness!!

Tomorrow is my last night at work. Thank goodness!!

Sunday we shoot another video.

Monday I meet with the new infertility clinic. No hope or expectations.

Tuesday we take Othello back to the vet and to see if the tumor has gone down or if it will have to be surgically removed.

I have 6 days to clean my house and pack to spend the rest of the year in Cali.

I’m moving into hyper movement mode.

Thought of the day:
When did infertiles become the red-headed stepchildren of the society and the government? I’m sick of being asked to care about everyone with children when no one thinks about caring for the ones who can’t. I’m sick of paying out more money for taxes and medical expenses and then being asked to pay more. How the heck am I supposed to have the money to pay for my medical expenses in order to get pregnant or to save money for an adoption? I’m all for equality but how can it be equal to only care about fertiles and not infertiles? Don’t my hopes and dreams count just as much?

Ok now for the funny.
Talking with the clinic on Wed. to schedule hubby’s test. Of course, it has to have been three days since relations before the test.
Nurse: We would really like him to come in before your appt. Could he come in today?
Me: Well, it hasn’t been three days.
Nurse: Ok, well, two days would be ok.
Me: Uh, it hasn’t been two days.
Nurse: Oh. Ok. (pause – I imagine her thinking “dang! and you can’t get pregnant?) I guess Monday will be fine. (I imagine her thinking “if you can keep your hands off each other for that long.”)
Me: Ok.
Later I relate the story to hubby.
Hubby: I would have said “It hasn’t be five minutes.”
Whatever! Men and their egos!

One thought on “Friday Musings”

  1. You horny horny people! I agree with you about the fertility thing… I'm just poor enough that I qualify for government subsidized health care once I'm knocked up… but getting me that way? Not so much…

    When I had my last miscarriage we were running tests and couldn't do the last follow ups because it had been six weeks since I "qualified" (ie the baby died). Oh, and now it's a pre-existing condition that I have secondary infertility so no one will ever cover me for it. Brilliant.

    But, I'm thankful for help now that we are pregnant, I just think the disparity is insane… we'll pay for you if you're pregnant… we'll pay for your contraception to not get pregnant… but help you try to get pregnant?!?!?! NO!

    I think that's a major FAIL!

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