Well, met with my new RE. Love all those charts that show how I am losing the age portion in the infertile game. Most painful sonogram I’ve ever had! Awful! Lasted about 1/2 hour. It was determined that I need surgery. A laparoscopy to be exact. I have some cysts that are worrisome(one was hiding behind one of my ovaries so lots of digging was involved) and with my family history she thinks it is a better bet to go in and see what is going on. Hopefully, it can be scheduled for right after I return from my vacation. Don’t even get me started on hubby’s reaction. I am not happy! It was not a good day. I’ve drowned myself in some *bucks and thrown myself into cleaning my house to prepare for vacation. Oh, well, going back to cleaning.

FB annoys me lately. I’m trying to avoid it. Sorry if anyone sent me stuff on there but it has become more of a chore then fun. Plus, lots of people are way too happy on there right now and it annoys me. In all fairness almost everything annoys me right now.

4 thoughts on “Mondays!”

  1. Not to diminish your frustrations over the lap, but mine wasn't so bad. I had it done on a Thursday and was back to work on Monday. Sure, there's some pain involved, but that's what the lovely Vicodin is for =) Then again, I've always been told I have a high tolerance for pain (go figure!)

    I'm sorry you have to have the surgery, but a clear uterus is a happy uterus (or so I'm told) Good luck!!!

  2. Oh, June, I'm sorry! For me, RE appts suck all together so to get bad news on top of it sucks even worse! Hopefully a lap will do the trick and you will get preggers fast!

  3. Thanks Ladies. I'm sure it is not bad but I am nervous since my sister died from an infection from a surgery and not the actual cancer. I'm just being silly but it has me freaked out. It's got me thinking about all my irrational fears. :-) I'm glad to hear that it is pretty simple. I don't have any idea what to expect so it is nice to hear from someone else.

  4. Hugs, I hope the blues pass. I also had a lap and it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. There is some pain but it's manageable with the meds and it doesn't last as long as the pain from my abdominal surgeries. Hoping that your surgery is a success.

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